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LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (commonly known as LeapFrog) is an educational entertainment and electronics company based in Emeryville, California. LeapFrog designs, develops, and markets technology-based learning products and related content for the education of children from infancy through grade school. The company was founded by Michael Wood and Robert Lally in 1994. John Barbour is the chief executive officer of LeapFrog.


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Network Operations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was here on a contract so its hard to really give an accurate view of the whole company. I am giving this review from a contractor perspective. I was fresh out of college so I was given busy work monitoring server backups. I accepted the position as a Network Operation Analyst on the premise that they would eventually give me work that I can learn from and eventually would help advance my career. After asking several times about getting different work realized they weren't going to give it I became disinterested. Management began to micromanage down to the minute which made for a very uncomfortable work environment. Upper management seems to really care about their employees and often rewarded them for high service ticket resolution stats. Overall the people are friendly and supportive.Free foodMicromanagement"

Kev says

"Sorry to here this. This is my reply to leapfrog regarding a purchase of two items. One came through in a matter of days and happy however, I needed to send them two emails to chase up the other. I did send two emails earlier in the month and only now they say it is not available. I had pleny of chances to order this product elsewhere and now none are in stock. It would have been nice to have been told that I have been refunded instead of me having to request where my item is only today. Afraid to say im not a happy customer and will leave a review so that others are aware. Do your homework before ordering from Leapfrog."

Ilze Merk says

"Leapfrog tablet bought two pieces for son and daughter As gifts. After a month, the touchpad stopped working at all does not react to any movements .Spent more than 100 euros on an APP that is now impossible to play just thrown away money.The quality is worse than that of the Chinese.If I could, I would put -5."

Narmin Huseynova says

"Shame on you! Learn geography first and then put borders of countries on your globe!! Don’t sell this false information to children!!"

Luca Mehta says

"Very poor support system.i bought certain app from the website, once the payment was made there was no way to download the app onto the gadget. The regional support washed his hands off saying i did not buy the app from him. Preposterous excuse as you can only buy the apps from the website. Well that’s how they know how to cheat. Please don’t waste your money."

Luke Pan says

"Absolute scam company. Since November 2019, they've had over 62000 visits to the support page for their broken leapstart3d. They have made no efforts to fix this shoddy device, which even when working, is absolutely moronic in its execution. Childrens readers do not need forced updates coded into the device - they literally have a point of failure built in. When it does work, these are not updates - they're harvesting information on your childrens' usage of the device, not adding anything. Not that it matters, because your device isn't going to work longer than ~3 weeks anyway. What sort of childrens toy requires a parental account (more info harvesting), and for the price, doesn't include all the books? This is just a garbage device with real-life microtransactions. There are a multitude of better options; might as well purchase your kid a tablet for less money, and use any of the literally thousands of apps out there which are at least less scammy than leapfrog. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY."

Es Te says

"Bought the tablet for my daughter in toys r us, after some time it started slowing down and freezing. Unfortunately before I got a chance to take it to the store, as it was 1 hour from my house, my daughter has cracked the screen. When I took it to toys r us, they told me it's freezing due to the cracked screen and refused to take it, told me to contact leapfrog. I did so and it was going well, I've been offered replacement. I've sent them pictures and all the information required and thought it's sorted. I was heavily pregnant at that time, after giving birth being evicted with a newborn and a toddler, living in hostels, completely forgot it. Then when u packing boxes finally in my house I found the broken tablet. Contacted leap frog, explained them situation and was told my fault, that they give me 20 or 30% discount for new product, that was way out of my price range. I don't understand why it was OK to accept the replacement and then saying no, even when they've seen all the previous emails. Very disappointing"

Danny Van den Heuvel (DannyVdH) says

"no support, most of the time not working, bad quality"

Carniz says

"I would give 0 stars if possible! So I bought an Alphabet Mr Pencil backpack toy directly from the Leap Frog Store in January a few days before my son’s birthday. It did not get despatched (waited just under a week) So I contacted customer service and asked them whats going on and apparently the order number I gave them (which they asked for) did not exist! So I sent them proof of my confirmation order and they did not get back to me and its been over a week! I contacted them again and still no reply. I’m so annoyed. I want my money back!"

Audrey King says

"I ordered a leapfrog vegetable garden on the 14th December and it didn't come I contacted them on the 22nd of December only to be told they had cancelled and refunded on the 20th as they had ran out of stock, there was no contact from them at all as to what happened it was only because I contacted them I found out. Going to have a very disappointed child on Christmas morning, thanks a lot leapfrog"

Caroline McDonald says

"If i could give 0 i would. Useless customer service, still waiting on email from them with resolution for my issues i am experiencing. Cannot get to download connect app on MacBook pro, or Windows 7 and leapfrog do not support chromebook. Avoid at all costs you will only have a disappointed child."

Crazy mad madam mim says

"I bought my daughter a leapfrog epic last year roughly as it was on sale it was good up until she lost it in the house. we finally found it and it of course was dead so we charged it. kept having issues start certin programs so we did a factory reset now I can't even log onto the leapfrog app store or update the system. I have contacted them asking how I can fix this or is it just a pricey electronic brick now. I'll be looking into just getting her a normal tablet and going that route!"


"This company makes their toys become unresponsive just so you will spend more of your hard earned money. I have spent 2 whole days trying to fix a unit that should never had needed updating. A company that can not fix their own products is not a worthwhile company at all. Spend your money elsewhere."

Donna Hodges says

"Leap frog are terrible the leap frog epic tablet is a good tablet for children but please do not sign up for the monthly subscription. It’s a total waste of money and there customer service is terrible when asking for help to cancel just completely don’t want to help in anyway a great way to waste £4.99 a month."

Reid Carter Wilson says

"Over the years we've bought many Leapfrog things. They were good. Sadly the latest toy we got was substandard. The fault should have been picked up in quality control during manufacture. We returned it to Leapfrog as per warranty but it went downhill from there. Replacement out of stock and no idea when they will get stock in. Sourcing a similar an alternative valued product from their site is near impossible. Dealing with their customer service team is just draining. No one takes ownership of the issue. Responses feel boilerplated. They only answer the question asked, they don't suggest solutions. And you have to know the question you want to ask. It feels like they hope you give up and go away. This is customer don't care. This is how to lose brand loyality."